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Outdoor signage and exterior signage applications are easy. Safety signage, signage design and commercial signage is the basis of our sign company.









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Metal Sign

Metal signs and building signage

This metal signage above was brilliant, crisp and powerful and resulted in the client expanding their signage system for other building signs.

Also, the sign was coated in a non reflective coating to give the sign a special feel and mood, suited to the clients business.

Installation of the sign was conducted using outdoor signage fiitings and special underside brackets. Only 2 exterior bolts are visible from the road side.

This metal sign measured 3000 mm x 1400 mm high in one piece 4mm Aluminium. Brushed, polished and coated.
The lettering colours: Scandinavian Blue and Black were chosen using our online colour system HERE

Installation was completed in one day.

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See why we are Australia's leading discount metal sign company.

metal signs
This sign category can be priced online HERE

Stronger, metal signs are the answer!

When you need high strength, vandal resistant signage, consider our metal sign options.

The client needed a signage method that could allow the sign to be durable and cost effective AND be jet washed, provide vandal resistance and remain bright and effective.
Our solution was a Colorbond sign, layered with Self adhesive vinyl 'Spicy Red' and computer cut lettering and logo.

Sign installation was finished with Aluminum pop rivets to prevent corrosion and durable adhesive to give the metal sign longer durability.

Metal signs for buildings,, garden signs and free-standing signage.

Our METAL SIGNS are made from choices of:
Aluminium, Colorbond, Stainless Steel and other grades of metal.
We can powdercoat the frame in different colours to give your metal sign unique qualities.

Outdoor signage and exterior signage applications are easy. Safety signage, signage design and commercial signage is the basis of our sign company.

A frame Sandwich Board metal signs

Our Buy Direct and Save policy means the lowest priced Metal street signs in Australia!


Product: Freestanding Custom Metal Sign

Product Description:
Steel Powdercoate frame, Metal Sign Colorbond

Metal Sign  
Size: Unlimited Exterior Signage
Format: Option: Corporate signage and commercial signage. Metal signs.
Price: POA. Send an email of your thumbnail sketch or sign design.
Shipment To your doorstep!
Artwork: FREE When Customer is able to download the sign design ready for printing/cutting the Metal sign.

Photographic Metal Signs.
Did you know we can print full colour images onto your steel and metal signage?

Full colour printing:
See Onine Colour Choices

  Lettering colours

• Full colour sign printer onto flat sheet materials. Joined or shipped flat ready for onsite installation.

Quantity Discounts:
Discount apply to quantity each size or unit of same.
Suitability: Suits road side signage, street signs, front shop signs and shopping centre signs.
Suits outdoor signage and exterior signage, commercial signage and corporate signage projects.

The images different applications of metal signs and signage manufacturer options. Building signage and office signage can be created specifically to your company logo or image requirements. Vinyl signage and Photo signage suitability - Yes.

Easy Payment:
Easy payment option is available on metal building signage and outdoor signage.
Combo's   Metal signs can be combined with laser cut acrylic or aluminium lettering, combinations of commercial signage with specialty sign brackets and signage fitting systems.


Outdoor signage and exterior signage applications are easy. Safety signage, signage design and commercial signage is the basis of our sign company.


Once our unique 'how much does a sign cost' calculator is open, choose - Colorbond Metal Signs, Aluminum Signage and Acrylic signage. Then, Simply type in the maximum 'signage area' for your metal sign, and press calculate, Instantly you can view how much a sign costs, compare materials, slight differences in sizing etc.

Online, you can calculate Australia GST (Goods and Services Tax)
Online you can compare the quantity discount and view an each price.
Compare the transport cost for different signs and use our tips page for material choices.

Our Buy Direct and Save policy means the lowest priced, powder-coated Metal  Signs in Australia !

Bigger sizes: POA


School proof!

Custom Signage... Easy!

Our experienced sign design team proposed a freestanding metal sign for this TAFE entrance complete with an overlayed Polycarbonate Clear face.

Designed to prevent student attacks on the signage, the face is impossible to damage and protects the graphics perfectly.

Underside graphics were printed onto a metal sign panel. The Overlayed clear polycarbonate is removable by maintenance staff and the sign can be updated in one day.

The metal sign frame is powdercoated to prevent rust and can be cleaned with Alcohol or spirits to remove any vandalism.

From concept to final, our reputation for making metal signs is unparalleled. Our experience means an understanding of particular components and processes to make a metal sign.

Polished, powdercoated, painted or baked.. our metal sign factory can weld, join, screw and bolt metal signs to most building systems.

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Product: Combination Metal sign and Polycarbonate Signage

Product Description:
Freestanding Pole Sign.
OPTIONS INCLUDE - Rear Batten system.

Metal Sign  
Size: 1100 mm x 1800 mm Steel Sign.
Format: Option: Digital printing sign with Polycarbonate face.
Price: $ POA
Delivery: Delivery any in Office in Australia, Shipment To your doorstep!
Artwork: FREE When Customer is able to download the artist files ready for printing/cutting custom metal sign.
Full colour printing:
See Online Colour Choices for the face of the architectural metal sign.

Suitability: Suits all high wear signage applications. Versatile and cheap metal signage.

The images show outdoor, architectural signage.

Quantity Discounts:
Specialty signage may require quotation.
Easy Payment:
Easy payment option is available. Our staff can calculate a weekly payment for you.



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