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QuickSmart Signs & Lettering offers some of the best prices on vinyl signs, vinyl lettering, boat lettering, and vehicle lettering you will find anywhere. Our vinyl signs, and lettering can be made in any style or color you need, and our customer service can't be beat. See if we have the perfect vinyl signage product for you.

We can ship vinyl signs or vinyl lettering right to your door, pre-spaced, pre-masked, and ready to install with easy to follow instructions.

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Our Australian sign company is your one-stop, full-service, signage and graphics center. Fabricating, producing and installing nearly all types of signs, QuickSmart Signs is a professional graphic design printing company in Australia.
  Whether you need tradeshow graphics, property management site signs, storefront light boxes, illuminated signs, silk-screened banners, digitally printed signs, digital message boards, or simply a one-time birthday banner...just give us a call. We're here to help! Please feel free to navigate our customer-friendly website and view many of our product offerings. If you don't see what you're looking for, please call or e-mail us and we would be happy to assist you.


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General Banner Sign and Graphic Design tips shared by our sign design team.

Instantly price your banner signage online with our Banner and Sign price calculator.

Buy Direct and Save Policy
Our buy direct and save policy ensures you find the lowest prices you'd expect to find in Australia. We care about the quality of materials we use and the printing resolution or sign making technique suited to your sign.
Our online sign price calculator allows you to compare sign sizes, materials and other choices to achieve your signage budgets accurately.

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High quality, low prices.

We do not use laminated paper or stiff grades of banner.

"Every week I use my banner stand from these guys, easy to carry, I quickly pull up the sign and start presenting... easy!"
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Banner Product Information - material

When you see this symbol you can use our newer, faster and easier online sign price calculator for that style of signage.

Unless otherwise specified, all of our signage banners are constructed on a medium weight PVC Banner material. The following is a brief description of our medium weight banners. Materials will be hemmed, and eyeleted  every 800-1000 mm unless otherwise specified. Let us know any requirement of eyeleting, eyelets are very cheap and we can place anywhere to suit your style of banner sign.
All banners are sewn with 5mm rope top and bottom with approx 800 mm tie off ends.

The advantage of sewn ropes as standard allows your banner sign to remain flexible in its use, and importantly increase durability outdoors.

Our medium weight banners are double lock stitched to increase the durability and improve the appearance of your banner. Chain stitching is not as durable and if the stitching breaks, the entire seam can come unraveled. We do not chain stitch and our medium weight banners can be used comfortably up to 40 square metres of signage.

Our external banners and internal banners are constructed from a glossy PVC banner vinyl. This banner material was specially designed for print in exterior applications. We use this banner material on all of our full color banner orders. Note: Heavier banner material, or additional eyelets (grommets) are available. You can compare medium weight material and heavy weight material differences online here. Please contact our customer service department for more information

Our banners are manufactured using one of two methods:

We add the text and graphics to the banner using a high quality vinyl decal specifically designed with PVC banner adhesive and conformity to movement. This method ensure crisp texts and logos. This vinyl lettering production is particularly suited to large banner signs where at a later stage, some or all of the lettering is desired to be removed and replaced with new graphic designs. Photo images, blends or complex coloured logo's are not used with this tried and tested method.
  • Most of our banners will be design and printing with full color printing methods.
We actually print the text and graphics to the banner. This printing method is more economical and gives us much more freedom to create full color banners in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Known as CMYK printing.

All of our banner and flags include a 1-year warranty against Fading or discoloration. Since wind, installation & other elements beyond our control can have an effect on how long banners will last without damage, we do not offer any warranty against physical influences to our banner signage materials.

On Time: You can personalise your signage exactly to your company designs or corporate logo guidelines. We can deliver signage all over Australia to your schedule. We offer multiple shipping options to make sure your signage is delivered FAST!

On Budget: You can price signage online with our newer, faster online sign price calculator. Type in any quantity, any size and choose a delivery option... Instantly you can review our low prices and compare different materials to suit your budget.

Our Australian sign company is your one-stop, full-service, signage and graphics center. Fabricating, producing and installing nearly all types of signs, QuickSmart Signs is a professional graphic design printing company in Australia.
  Whether you need tradeshow graphics, property management site signs, storefront light boxes, illuminated signs, silk-screened banners, digitally printed signs, digital message boards, or simply a one-time birthday banner...just give us a call. We're here to help! Please feel free to navigate our customer-friendly website and view many of our product offerings. If you don't see what you're looking for, please call or e-mail us and we would be happy to assist you.

Also, we have wide experience in supplying big signage fast. If you have urgent needs for signs all over Australia.. you may call Toll Free Anytime.

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Our Buy Direct and Save POLICY:

Our signage company buys materials in Bulk, and pass these savings directly to you. We ensure high quality in every project and we care about your marketing with signage.


Our sign company has made over 5300 signs since 1993.

Banner Sign Options

Replacing canvas banner signs, today we use high quality, high strength PVC Vinyl cross hatched poly banner material.

Durable, exterior grades and UV resistant colour manufacture mean better signage manufacturer for you advertising signs.

Online our sign company has the widest colour choices of banner material in Aust. Including Santex, AK420, Digital print banner material and specialty banner materials.

Click here to choose PVC vinyl banner sign colours and material grades. Click to go to online banner sign colour materials.

Click here to choose a vinyl lettering colour Click here to choose online lettering colours.

• Our signage technicians have been making banners and signs since 1993, if you require a specialty banner let us know, we sure to have used such banner material previously.

• Your options when finishing a banner ready for hanging or fixing may include the following and are INCLUDED IN YOUR SIGNAGE PRICE,  as shown in our sign price calculator.

We do not charge additional costs for the above signage options regardless of banner size.

• Other banner sign options include sewn eyelets suitable for multi-fixing points  or cafe style banners with eyelets (grommet) pressed at lengths less than 600mm. Our common range of eyelet spacing is between 800mm and 1000mm depending on the banner sign length.
** If you require a greater amount of eyelets, let us know, they are inexpensive and can be readily added.

• Keder (also know as banner track, awning track, caravan track and other colloquial terms).
Our system of sewing and/or welding Keder along the edges allows you to install a banner sign quickly, and importantly easily remove and replace a banner sign. Similar to the process of installing a billboard advertising sign.

Keder is a poly rope section specifically designed to slide into 6mm Aluminium Banner Tracking. You can easily purchase this aluminium banner tracking from an Aluminium Supplier such as Capral Australia.

Advantages: Cheaper installation and removal of your banner signs, easy to install, your banner sign can made permanent or temporary and allows you to change signs quickly.

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Bleeds, over-sizes, roll width etc

Our signs company ability to weld, sew and stitch different banner materials together or cut and weld complex shapes means you do not need to worry about creating complex order forms to achieve fantastic banner sign results.

If you have specific requirements, please send a fax or PDF copy of your banner sign plan. We will contact you immediately and begin discussing signage production methods and ways to save money on your signage project.

For your information, the following is a guide to some features we consider when making a banner sign in Australia.

When ordering a Medium Weight banner, we recommend over stitching the edges for additional durability.
For use of 5mm or 6mm ropes allow 60mm (2 x 30mm turnover for hems on appropriate sides.
Allow 50mm (2 x 25mm turnover for hems)
Triangles are sewn into hems every section for standard spacing of eyelets.
Eyelets are pneumatically applied and made from brass, internal diameter of eyelet is 8mm, outside diameter is 20mm.
Sleeves suitable for inserting a rod/pole
Table: e.g.. 21/16 (21mm over length / 16mm stitch line)
      6mm Dowell = 21/16 lay flat sleeve size (retractable b)
      25mm Dowell = 60/50 lay flat sleeve size
      38mm Dowell = 90/80 lay flat sleeve size
      50mm Dowell = 110/100 lay flat sleeve size
      75mm Dowell = 150/140 lay flat sleeve size
      95mm Pipe = 320/310 lay flat sleeve size
- Star Picket pocket = 140/130/120 left, mid, right stitch
- Rope or banner track = 25/18 weld
Installing a banner with banner track. Allow banner tension up to 35mm.
Welds Heat welding to join big banners.
40mm weld overlap, 40mm weld under lap> Avoid print area to be welded, allow 'non print' area particularly on under lap of 30mm.
Roll widths
Grain along the lineal roll length applies to all materials.
Tips for ordering:
Use the above roll width gauge to determine the height of your banner signs, add the 'hem' 'bleed' or 'sleeve' material to determine best size.
** Our online banner sign price calculator will assist you in choosing an economical size.
No additional charge for banner colours

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Finding the perfect location & view for your banner sign.

When installing a banner sign in .au, consider the best possible view... from the approaching reader.

If you have decided to purchase a banner, it is very important to place your new banner is a position that will present your message and your company the most good. By selecting the proper location, viewing angle of height, you can ensure that your new purchase will perform beyond expectations and that it will be able to function to the utmost. Banner signs are a cheap sign... but... importantly... possibly your most effective business marketing.

The old slogan, “Location, location, location,” applies to much more than real estate. When you are placing a banner, this is the most important factor. Here are some useful tips to help you find the best location for your banner.


1. Make it Visible – Placing a banner on the wrong side of your building or under an overhang can greatly reduce the ability of potential customers to see this banner. You will need to make sure that your banner is located where it can be easily seen from the majority of directions and angles.

2. Stand back and be the reader – Before you finalize your banner's position, try viewing the banner sign in several different angles and positions. Then, place yourself in your customer's position. Is it visible from the road, sitting in a car? Can it be easily seen from across the street in multiple directions? You will need to find the one location that provides the most visibility. Take some time with this step to make sure that your final location is the right location.

3. Remember the Elements – Weather can be detrimental to your new banner. If it is not secure properly, your banner may flap in the wind, making it difficult to read by passing pedestrians and vehicles.

4.  Update your message. Above, a brief description of the Keder installation system is discussed. This is particularly useful for updating your banner sign messages easily.

All marketing requires updating and modernisation. Use your banner signs to convey messages suited to your promotional activities.

By following these steps, you will be able to get the most out of your banner signage, both in actual life of the banner and effectiveness in getting your message across.

We have been making banner signs since 1993... and in that time not one banner sign has proved to be unsuccessful in providing the client additional profit or increasing customers.

Things to avoid

1. Do not lower the quality of material.

2. Do not 'over letter' your banner signs. Keep your message and text crisp, clear and of contrasting colours to the background image.

3. Modern banner sign materials do not need wind holes.

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            • Giving your banner signage a longer life outdoors.
            • Permanent & Temporary banner installation tips.

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